Gentoo kde updating applications

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Gentoo kde updating applications

Process instances are living, self-sufficient and self-contained objects.This allows for nonlinear workflows and confers a great versatility and adaptability to the Pix Insight platform.Pix Insight is both an image processing environment and a software development framework.The core Pix Insight application integrates three user interfaces: a graphical interface, a command-line interface, and a scripting interface based on the Java Script language.Because we feel that we can make a significant contribution to the world of image processing software, especially in astrophotography and other technical imaging fields.Our software is based on novel paradigms and provides innovative and elegant solutions of unparalleled efficiency and versatility, not available elsewhere.For example, in other applications, you must follow a select image, open tool, apply tool sequence each time you want to modify an image in some way.This is a linear workflow and a document-oriented environment.

This is a nonlinear workflow and an object-oriented environment.

In Pix Insight, you define an arbitrary set of process instances independently of images.

If necessary, a process can acquire some properties from one or more existing images—or even from theoretical, virtual images—as a pattern to define its parameters, just for convenience.

As a development platform, Pix Insight provides the Pix Insight Class Library (PCL), an ISO C framework for development of Pix Insight modules, and the Pix Insight Java Script Runtime (PJSR), an ECMA 262-5 compliant environment readily available in the core Pix Insight application.

The Pix Insight project originates from the inside of astrophotography: Pix Insight is a software platform made by astrophotographers, for astrophotographers.

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